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Trenchless pipe repair

Pool leak repair
Storm And Sewer Lines Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair

What Is “Trenchless Repair”?

In order to Flood Grout the pipe that is leaking you simply pour the products into the pipe at the highest point in the pipe and pump it out from the lowest point. You do not need to dig the pipe up in order to do the repair…you work with the two ends of the pipe that are exposed to the surface.

When main lines leak or rust, they can damage above ground surfaces, cause pollution, and start severe flooding in treatment facilities. Digging causes environmental damage, longer-term traffic disruptions, and is very expensive, but with Flood Grouting Leak Repair, there is less disruption, less cleanup, and cost effective without digging.

Trenchless technologies that would provide “potentially cost-effective alternatives to traditional open-cut replacement” continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Currently, those technologies involving various kinds of pipe lining methods are of special interest to research engineers.

Environmentally Friendly

The ingredients PG1 and PG2 used in the PIPEGROUT flooding system are environmentally neutral. PIPEGROUT PG1 is a specially formulated liquid with a high degree of viscosity.

Material Stability

PIPEGROUT is resistant to all kinds of acids and alkalis that can occur in sewer systems and is also resistant to bio-genetic sulfuric acid. The conglomerate that is formed is similar to sandstone and does not shrink or expand after hardening. It does not dissolve, and remains in a stable form.

Water utility companies in the US and Canada have been replacing only about half a percent of their total pipelines each year. But thanks to current and emerging trenchless technologies, chances are that more water mains will get the repairs they need at a price that companies–and the municipalities they serve–can live with.

Created for Pool Repair and municipal main line sanitary sewers Repairs, our certified, third-party tested equipment and materials are engineered and manufactured to meet project specifications on an individual basis. Our high performance products are consistent in producing results that work, and are very user friendly.

Our team of professionals work closely with contractors to make sure all specific job regulations is met, and moderates our product for superior quality control.

With Flood Grouting Leak Repair, you can expect to completely restore existing pipes, without the above ground disruption associated with traditional digging. Our Trenchless Technology will even extend the life of your existing pipes by at least 50 years, leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

We highly value building customer trust, and know it serves as a fundamental cornerstone for our growing industry. We make ourselves available to our clients, offering expert guidance and knowledge to make each repair whether it is Pool repair or Sewer repair a success. You can completely rely on Flood Grouting Leak Repair Company for a superior product, expert knowledge, and get the job done quicker. It is that simple. Less cost, fewer cleanups, and less hassle from a company you can count on