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The bucket Test for leaks

Bucket Test

The bucket test is used to determine whether or not you are losing water due to a leak or simply evaporation. 

  1. Take a mop bucket or a 5 gal pail and fill it approximately 2/3rds with pool water. 
  2. Place the bucket on the second step in your pool so that the bucket is partially submerged in the pool.  By doing this both bodies of water are at the same temperature and they are subject to the same rate of evaporation.
  3. Now Carefully mark the water level on the outside of the bucket using a felt tipped marker or a piece of tape, do the same for the water level on the inside of the bucket. 
  4. Allow at least 24 hours and check the water level’s relative to the marks you made previously. 
  5. If the water level is still at the mark both inside and out or the level has dropped the same distance then you do not have a leak, but
    if the water level has dropped more on the outside of the bucket than the inside you have a pool leak!

Watch the bucket test demonstration: