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Is your pool leaking ?

Is Your Pool Leaking?

If you routinely need to add more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak. Your pool will lose some water naturally to evaporation, some to splash out and some to back-washing your filter.

Leak Detection

Check the obvious first:
Are there any leaks at the equipment pad? Look closely at the filter, pump, heater and the pipe valves. Check the ground for moisture. Are there any wet areas around the pool? Walk around the pool, and by the pool and the equipment. Check for wet soil and sunken or eroding areas. Do you have a vinyl liner pool? Look for tears or separations around all the fittings, skimmers, returns, cleaner line, lights, steps and the corners. If you still can't find the leak the try the bucket test.

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Check using the bucket test for pool leaks

What If You Have A Leak?

If you performed the bucket test and find a leak, it probably somewhere in your pipe, but don't worry, you have options. Traditionally to fix a leaking pipe you had to dig up your backyard, repair the leak and restore your yard to back to normal; this could potentially be a very expensive and disruptive process.

Pool Line Repairs Can Be Performed On:

  • Return Lines
  • Stair Jets
  • Spa Jets
  • Main Drains
  • Skimmer Lines
  • In Floor Cleaning Systems
  • Deck Jets

Now you have the options to fix leaking pipe without digging.

What Is Flood Grouting?

Flood Grouting is a system to repair your leaking pool lines without digging up your yard.  The process is performed by a trained Authorized Dealer and typically takes less than a day to complete.  The system has been in use for over 15 years in Europe and has proven itself over and over!

What Is Trenchless Repair?

It is a cost effective method of repairing leaking pipes using our unique two part system by utilizing the pipe itself to deliver the product to the damaged section.  You don't have to excavate down to the leak in the pipe causing tremendous inconvenience and damage to your pool deck and landscaping.

How Does It Work?

By filling the pipe with our special proprietary product it will find the leak, penetrating the ground and creating the repair on the outside of the pipe itself.  It is a two part system, the first part is the cement and the second part is the catalyst that makes it harden like sandstone.  The process typically takes less than a day to perform.  Your pool will be up and running in three days after the repair.  The product is environmentally friendly!